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At Garage Door ASAP Leesburg We have a great deal of experience in Fixing & aligning Shifted Garage Doors, Our Leesburg Team fixed hundreds of off-Track & Shifted Garage Doors over the past few years, below is a recent door that we have aligned recently in Lessburg just as a sample of our work, An actual Shifted Garage Door that our team has fixed in Leesburg FL, Along with important information about shifted garage doors

A Shifted Garage Door In Leesburge FL (Before)

This is how a Shifted Or An Off-Track Garage Door usually look like, It’s An Actual Picture of a client’s Garage Door From Leesburg, Our team arrived within an hour of the client’s request, First Step was to secure the door to make sure it’s safe for everyone around it

Shifted / Off Track Garage Door In Leesburg Fl

A Shifted Garage Door In Leesburge FL (After)

Our Leesburg team started the inspection process and completely identified what’s making the door shift, then began the repair Process, And In no-time the Garage Door was aligned and functioning properly

A Shifted Garage Door In Leesburg Fixed

Most Common Reasons for Off-Track Doors

The most common reason for garage door derailment is a faulty cables or damaged Rollers one or both of the garage door cables is most probably broke or malfunctioning, The cables assist in balancing the weight of the door and steer it during its cycle up and down the tracks. Garage door cables survive a long time if they are properly installed, so the primary reason for their damage is wear and tear. The Garage Door  Rollers or wheels play an important role in the garage door Eco-system, if they break or get loose the garage door will definitely shift, other factors might include accidents like accidentally backing into the door while it’s closed or leaving something in the way of the door while it’s closing

Most Common Reasons for Off-Track Doors

Shifted Garage Door Repair Leesburg

Garage door problems don’t always happen at convenient times. When you have a garage door emergency repair need, you may not be able to wait until normal business hours to address it. 
That’s why we make our technicians  available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. you can trust us to provide prompt, efficient and professional repairs.

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As we mentioned earlier, it is risky to deal with off track garage doors without proper knowledge. Garage Door ASAP Service is a company that you can rely on for any kind of garage door troubles such as derailment. Our skilled, licensed, bonded, and certified technicians are trained in successfully dealing with this situation,

We find out the reason behind off track garage doors like any noticeable damage to the tracks (bent, broken), inappropriate orientation of the tracks or their loosening from the garage wall itself.

Adjust or straighten the tracks and fix the roller alignment.

Clean the tracks of any dirt or accumulation and lubricate with commercial grade oil.

Final assessment of the garage door to make certain there is not an absent component.


Garage Door ASAP Team

Some Reviews From Our Clients In Leesburg


They came to our home at 9:30 pm on a Sunday. Fixed our off track door and did preventative maintenance all for an outstanding price. Their emergency service is second to none. From first call to completion in about an hour and a half. Thank you for your hard work."

So I just had my tension springs replaced about 2.5 years ago, so I called to same company and the guy that replaced them said that is normal. They only have a 1 year warranty. I called ASAP Services and the gentleman explained he has a 3 year warranty and can take care of the problem right away. Our schedules didn't work out on Saturday so he came out Sunday to take care of it. Very pleased with job and the time he took to show me some other stuff.. Great job.."

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